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Kx3 kit

There are less expensive heatsinks available, but buying them is like buying a half-price ticket that only gets you half way to your destination! Hundreds of happy KX3 owners who have installed the best-performing and best-selling Kx31 now enjoy the extended transmit time at full power desired on digital modes. The Kx31 is a billet-aluminum piece black-anodized to match and compliment the appearance of the rig. It is designed for the majority of operators and will allow for greatly extended transmit time in any digital mode or band at full output.

It incorporates several features not found on competing heatsinks:. Warranty: The Kx31 is warrantied against all manufacturing defects. Read all Warranty details here. Key-down time, stock vs. In order to validate the design, we ran a complete set of stock and modified performance tests.

Going Portable

The test was conducted with a air tunnel around the KX3 to restrict the air movement to the convective flow powered by the heatsink itself. This removes room air movement as a variable, since almost undetectable amounts of movement can greatly increase the heat removed from a heatsink. Their claims are often the result of poor experimental design or outright guessing.

In most normal environments the PAE-Kx31 will allow much more transmit time than our own data supports. Also, the object of the tests was to validate the performance of the Kx31 heatsink, not evaluate the thermal conductivity of powder-coating, the thickness of which is largely an uncontrolled variable. To test the heat flow through the coating would mean the results would not necessarily be reproducible. Our goals were to be able to run 10W in digital modes for extended periods on all bands without power fold-back, and to do as little harm to the excellent appearance of the KX3.

This heatsink achieves both goals without any fans and without being excessively large pictures on this site are of the last prototype run, and appearance is subject to improvement, please bear with me! We spent quite a bit of time modelling the thermal situation with the KX3. In the stock configuration the entire case back is an important part of the thermal equation, but it is not with an external heatsink. An important design factor for heatsinks cooled by natural convection is the surface area upon which the heat can transfer to air by contact.

Radiative efficiency is important as well, but in a parallel-fin heatsink, much of the heat radiated by the fins is merely absorbed or reflected back by adjacent fins. Kx31 custom fin pattern perfectly matches KX3 screw locations. Beware claims by others that their designs can dissipate more than this. They have obviously not tested for pure natural convection. Consider the KX3 PA rejects watts of heat or more band dependent while outputting 10W, and you will see that infinite key-down is not possible without a fan.

Elecraft themselves never claimed the unit was 10W with all modes on all bands, so for those of you who have not looked, here is their PA specification:.

Supply voltage of 11 V or higher on key-down required for settings above 5 W. Power will automatically be reduced if PA temperature or current limits are exceeded.

Considering the PA is broadbanded and consistently achieves low IM distortion performance the design is nothing short of amazing. However, many owners would like to have the full 10W available on all bands for extended digital mode transmit time.The KX3's unique form-factor allows you to operate from anywhere.

Fold out the rear tilt-feet for use on a desktop or picnic table. With a whip antenna, you can even operate hand-held. In receive mode, current drain can be as low as mA - about one-half to one-third that of competing all-band portables. Transmit efficiency is also excellent, further improving battery life. The KX3 features a large front panel with all controls optimized for convenient use. You won't have to dig through menus to set the power level, adjust the keyer speed, or change filter settings.

And the KX3 has the same full-size display as the Elecraft K3S, so all operating information is available at a glance. Of course, you'll also have Elecraft's legendary customer support and free firmware upgrades via the internet. Learn More. Our Power Supply Combo is the perfect Accessory for the. A: Yes. A: RF power output is 2. On 4 meters: About MHz. Sensitivity gradually falls off outside the associated ham bands.

The KX3 provides excellent repeater support, including programmable offsets, PL tones, REVerse, and up to general-purpose labeled memories. Memories can be grouped for scanning and manual channel-hopping. For European transverters, the KX3 provides a Hz tone burst selection. This can be set up to generate an 0. The user can also hold the PITCH switch indefinitely in order to generate longer tone pulses, if necessary.

We're adding a menu entry to control this. When the signal is turned on, 5 volts through a 4-kohm series resistor is applied to the SMA jack. This can be used to control external devices such as a higher-band transverter, amplifier, or antenna switch. A: Total transceiver current drain is typically mA on receive and 1. A: Filtering is included at all stages of the receive path, including a element band-pass filter ahead of the mixer. But because the module is so small, there's no room for a high-Q, tuned band-pass filter at the input; instead, we use low-loss low- and high-pass filters to preserve sensitivity.

To reduce the need for narrow input filtering, we used a high-intercept LNA low-noise amp. This increases current drain of the radio on 2 and 4 meters somewhat compared to other bands, but we felt it was an acceptable tradeoff. A: Yes, in general, though it is important to distinguish between frequency-mixing transverters and frequency-multiplying transverters.

If however the high-band transverter uses frequency multiplication of the 2- or 4-meter I.The KX3 Travel Kit is designed for rapid deployment following transport by bicycle, foot, canoe, or kayak. The KX3 Travel Kit is under continuous development. Photos may not represent the current state of the station.

This page will change as various ideas are tested and accepted or rejected. The KX3 can operate over a voltage range of 8vdc to 15vdc. Internally, the KX3 can accomodate eight AA cells. A coaxial power socket is provided for connection to an external power source. When internal batteries are installed and external power is connected, the rig will use the source having the higher voltage.

The KX3 internal battery holders accomodate eight AA cells.

kx3 kit

When filled with 1. It's possible I might decide to keep a set of lithium primary cells 1. If so, I might choose to install just seven cells and use a dummy cell in the eighth position to ensure that an external power source see below always measures higher in voltage than the internal battery. Either way it's configured, this pack is a nominal volt pack. Rather, it tells the radio what power-output the operator wants and the radio makes sure that output-power is generated.

The KX3 covers all bands m through 6m. It would be very challenging or, more likely, impossible to find a single easy-to-deploy field antenna that works well on all of these bands. Fortunately, I am primarily interested in operating on the bands 80m through 10m while in the field, making the task of finding a single field-deployable antenna that's small enough to pack easily much more manageable.

Currently, for 10mm, I carry a 28' end-fed wire and three shorter counterpoise wires. For 80m, I have a 58' source end-fed wire I have tested once in the in the field. The low-hanging 58' wire tuned well on 80m only when the 28' wire and both shorter wires were connected as a counterpoise. I use a BNC-to-dual-banana-socket adapter to connect the end-fed wire and counterpoise wires to the KX3.

To hang wire antennas in trees, I carry a yard spool of dental floss and a couple of large fishing weights.

Kx32 Ultimate Heatsink Kit for the Elecraft™ KX3

Note to self: Consider painting the fishing weights fluorescent orange. Descriptions of field-deployable antennas I've used with the larger K2 Travel Kit are located here.

Ultimate Elecraft KX2, KX3, and Xiegu X5105 Antenna - DIY Build Instructions

Any of the antennas that worked well with the K2 Travel Kit should work well with the smaller KX3 Travel Kit but would need to be carried externally.

I have developed a bracket to mount the Mini-B on the KX3 transceiver photos: 1 2 3 4. Initial tests indicate this bracket works well. The Leg Mount will not fit in the Pelican Case. Unfortunately, this microphone consumes a lot of volume in the Pelican case and I don't tend to carry this microphone as part of the KX3 Travel Kit. For field use, I carry a very small and very inexpensive gooseneck mini-microphone photos: 1 2. This mic was identified as HDE Mini 3.

I have received reports of good audio while running AM so the mic should work well enough for occasional SSB operation in the field while consuming very little volume in the Pelican case. This mic requires a mic-gain of approximately This booklet, log sheets, and paper for CW copy are carried above the egg-crate foam in the lid of the Pelican case.

The KX3 has a small built-in speaker but I prefer to copy CW through stereo headphones, particularly since the KX3 provides very useful simulated stereo audio effects for CW reception. It's my hope that these earbuds might be a bit more rugged than the usual inexpensive earbuds. A key question to be answered in the design of the KX3 Travel Kit was the choice of case for safely transporting the equipment while in the field.

I am a big fan of the Pelican link line of cases because they are extremely rugged and are fully waterproof. I considered three Pelican cases to protect my KX3 and accessories: the because I already had one availabletheand the The Pelican case 0.The Raised handles protect all of the knobs, buttons and delicate LCD display.

When you add on the Poly-carbonate cover you increase the overall protection. The Side KX accessories give you peace of mind when it comes to your radio's safety, so your radio will be well protected even if you just tossed it into your backpack. The raised handles, and the injection molded Poly-carbonate cover snap together seamlessly.

Installation requires no tools, no additional fasteners of any kind, only your hands! They provide superior protection to radios have traveled in my carry-on bag on multiple trips world wide. The KX2 Mount is an excellent method of quickly mounting the radio to any number of commercially available mounts. Scott is first class. He responds quickly to emails and promptly ships orders for his products.

A friend of mine who has this product told me to get it to protect my KX3. I purchased the stunning cover with the side handles as a combo deal. I can break anything, so the added protection of these side plates is invaluable. Personally, I think they add to the already great look of the KX2! Highly recommend. I ordered the full kit for both KX3 and PX3. They were extremely easy to fit and the instructions were excellent.

This kit makes my Elecraft one of the best looking and best protected ones in the UK. Very highly recommended indeed! Shop Now Learn More. New Products:. I prefer to be on a mountain rather than in the city. Backpack Friendly The Side KX accessories give you peace of mind when it comes to your radio's safety, so your radio will be well protected even if you just tossed it into your backpack.

Seamless Design The raised handles, and the injection molded Poly-carbonate cover snap together seamlessly. What just some of our customers say.It really works perfectly, but it is not suitable for beginners. First: It is not accompanied by a scheme. Second, the SMD components are not identifiable with the naked eye, so you have to use measuring devices, in the case of capacitors, of those used in a laboratory.

There is a lack of instructions such as that parts of the printed circuit must be cut to make the support of the ferrite transformers. Fortunately, on the Internet it is easy to find blogs and videos that describe the problems to build this Kit, a symptom that is very popular and sold.

The most important: It can not be used without a low pass filter attached to the emission band. That detail is very important and is omitted by the sellers. In my case, it worked perf ectly, although it does not really reach 70 W of antenna power. For the price of the Kit, which does not exceed the price of the components, I am very satisfied. Works ok with Transistor given irf's. Bout 65w bird peak with tone and 14v.

If you have a Antenna analyser you can tweak input and output no power on board to the HF frequency you'll be using it for. I Will be trying a pair of ERF transistors with next purchase of boards. Fun Stuff! I was able to convert one of two of my boards that I ordered to the mrf mosfet with little work and personal knowledge of amps I used the other board in the rear of super star radio, using a old Magnum radio heatsink and cut out chassis for transistors to heatsink, mounted board to inside chassis with nylon standoffs, power wires from inside power connector, used a 10amp 12v relay and keying cir cuit to complete it.

Good luck with your project amp! This kit is only for experienced builders with proper soldering equipment and an understanding of FET amplifier construction. You will get a bag of very small surface mount parts.

The value s an excellent printed circuit board. No schematic or instructions are included but can be found on-line. This kit has good design and parts. What it is lacking is assembly information, a parts list, diagrams showing what parts go where, etc. Heck, there isn't even a schematic! Yes there are some youtube videos on this item, showing some flashes of a schematic, but that is NOT enough. These items MUST come with each kit!

Or else the seller is just relying on others, and not providing added value. Given how hard it is to find the information, and nothing that traces the design to its original source that I have found, I'd skip this kit. The kit was sent to me with a hole in the bag missing one part and one part fell out in the mailed envelope.

Suitable for FT KX3 other small power stations. Maximum output power: 70W. Notice: this is kits, not assembled. Product Key Features Supported Modes. Other Ham Radio Equipment. Excellent amplifier in kit, but not for beginners. Good little amp Works ok with Transistor given irf's.Despite its size, it covers amateur bands from meters, operates in all modes, and has DSP-based features found on larger radios.

kx3 kit

Check out their website for updates! Our new KPA was designed with the serious operator in mind. Its no-nonsense front panel shows all important parameters at a glance, with a high-contrast character LCD and fast Discover the thrill of building and really understanding your own radio equipment.

Imagine the feeling you will get from your first QSO when you tell the other operator that you built it yourself! The KPA is by far the best andeasiest amplifier I have ever owned. Well worth the price. The built-in tuner isWonderful. Love your products and have never experienced any problems with any of them. My preference is always low power and QRP and never do I exceed watts.

Wonderful, reliable products achieving excellent results. K3S, 5 filters, Gen. All work flawlessly as if one piece. The K3S is akin to a pair of hearing aids. Signals come out of nowhere and allow me to hear distant signals and the KPA allows the DX to hear me. A perfect balance. Assembling it all was fun too! The performance was solid, no glitches. QSK was silent and fast. My Alpha 87As are now for sale. Thank you very much for building such great radios.

I really love my KX3. I find it is absolutely marvelous, with pain-free system integration-it's like having a W transceiver and broadband antenna covering m. I've been a happy Elecraft owner since August with the purchase of my K3S. I may not be the biggest customer that Elecraft has, but when I reach out for support I made to feel like I'm the only customer Elecraft has. The performance of their products is only eclipsed by their service and support.

Truly amazing! Ham radio has opened the joy missed since Heathkit went out of business. Fortunately, Elecraft is filing the space left.If you know what you want, scroll down to the bottom to purchase. It is considerably lighter than the one I built which is perfect for when I go hiking. Had a blast! Thanks for a great product!

Got a note from my buddy Tony the other day. It will definitely be my next SOTA antenna! I have used it horizontal, sloping and dangling vertical from my hotel balcony. I bungee the mast to whatever is available and toss the other end into a tree.

kx3 kit

Better yet, it worked, I made contacts on all bands. The first time I threw a line and hoisted this antenna into a huge maple tree in my back yard in Vermont I fired it up and heard Brazil coming in loud and strong on 20 meters. I was impressed enough to decide to make them and offer them up to the public.

The matching transformer is a UnUn which is trifilar wound. The antenna wire is attached to a stainless steel stud and the unit has a BNC connector so no SO adapter needed. There is a custom made black delrin rope connector which is hand cut, turned and drilled on the end of the antenna to attach ropes or to mount on top of a pole like a Jakite or similar fiberglass pole. The wire is folded over about 3 inches, after the custom made rope connector is soldered, attached, then secured and sealed with double walled adhesive lined heat shrink.

I have spared no expense and make these just like I would for myself. Download EndFed antenna Info Sheet.

It is strongly suggested that you use a glove or at the very least some sort of protection for your index finger of your throwing hand. The 8oz weight creates a lot of velocity and dragging it across your finger at a high speed can create rope burns. The shield of the coax acts as a counterpoise. You do NOT need an additional counterpoise or ground wire with this antenna.

Tests show that laying the coax in a straight line is best. Hi Phil. I can give you an exact amount if you email me your address.

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